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Tomb of mercy


Nov 21 2022


9:00 pm - 11:55 pm



Tomb of Mercy – One Shot Event

In the epoch before the Great Mage Wars rent apart the world, the Empire of the Bladed Sun loomed over the West, its shimmering towers and walled citadels a testament to the prosperity of the humans who knelt in their shadows.

As the time marched onward, the Oracles of the Empire —led by the Voice of Omens— glimpsed ever more clearly a prophecy:

“When the shadow of the solar eclipse falls upon the Empire, the underworld shall rise to tear Humanity asunder.

Knowing they could not stand against the coming hordes of the Hells, the Empress of the Bladed sun shall erect the Tomb of Mercy—a vault in which would house the Ark Colossi: three stone Eidolons which would carry the souls of Humanity away from Armageddon and toward a new dawn.”

As was prophesied by the Voice of Omens, the solar eclipse came, its shadow bringing the infernal host, heralding the onset of the Mage Wars. The Tomb of Mercy was overrun by the denizens of the Hells, and the memory of the Empire of the Bladed Sun faded into a forgotten history, along with any knowledge of the Ark Colossi’s fate.

Centuries have passed, and the Hells’ maw threatens once more to swallow the whole of Humanity. It now stands to you and your companions —the far-flung descendants of the First Queen of the Bladed Sun— to march into the Wasted West, unseal the blighted Tomb of Mercy, and set the remaining Ark Colossus safely on its blessed pilgrimage before time runs out.

Fail in this and Humanity will surely face extinction.


This One shot will be hosted by DM Lytha from Elite Adventures Inc. and should last appoximately 3 hours.

You can create a level 8 character in Roll20 with charactermancer or import it from the character vault. DnD Beyond will not be allowed. You can ask for help and we will create it with you if you are not familiar with the tool.

Point buy or Standard array. Max HP for level 1, then you get the average for the remaining levels. Starting class equipment.

You will have access to our compendium with almost everything from Wizard of the Coast to create your character.


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Hi I'm DM Lytha! I'm an avid gamer who loves to play games in any form, and fell in love with D&D back in 3.5e (we don't talk about 4e)! During COVID we swapped to Roll20 and I decided to try and give DMing another go since I had a lot more free time. Since then I had been consistently running 2 campaigns, both full homebrew campaign, silly arena one shots and a yearly fun holiday one shot before joining the Elite Adventures team. Since then I've had so much fun I just keep adding more and more games! I'm up to 3 campaigns with one shots every once and a while, just to mix it up a bit. I focus making making that every game is unique to each group, where even the smallest decision can have an impact on the rest of the game! I use inside jokes, custom maps, NPCs, spell templates and magic items tailored for each group, and player, to make sure that my players are getting the best experience they can, no matter their previous gaming experience! I truly believe that it's the players that tell the story and it's my job to bring that story to life! I welcome all at my table and make it a safe place for any and everyone! So grab your dice and let's dive into a world of your own making.

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 21 2022
  • Time: 9:00 pm - 11:55 pm