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Since I joined Lytha’s table I have been constantly impressed at the quality of the game she runs. It was immediately apparent how much care she puts into her world, sessions, and players. Prepare for a fun time under her guidance!! You will not be disappointed I guarantee it! Makes sure everyone is always having fun! Lytha allows a for huge amount of player freedom in her campaigns and lets us tell the stories we want to tell. Player characters have weight in the world and their decisions feel impactful and meaningful. Actions have consequences, and characters are held accountable for the things that they do. Lytha is super accommodative to players’ wants and needs. Early on in the campaign, I was unsure about my character and wanted to make a lot of changes to my character. Lytha was extremely supportive and gave me guidance throughout the process. Lytha has crafted a unique setting with a mind-boggling amount of depth and attention to detail. She has poured her heart and soul into this campaign and it really shows. 10/10 would highly recommend Lytha for anyone searching for a GM for their next campaign or one-shot! For me, it has been as close to an ideal D&D experience as it gets. Truly wonderful. Ok I’m done dancing like a monkey, Lytha, where’s my free beer?! Haha jk. Have fun as a player under this amazing GM!

Doctor Fingers