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At its core, Dungeons & Dragons is a game about collaborative storytelling. In my experience of playing D&D, I’ve met no DM more committed to collaboration than David! He works very closely with his players make them feel like their characters are genuinely part of a living, breathing world, complete with detailed lore and intricate worldbuilding. While I’ve only been in one campaign with David, the high level of fidelity in his approach is truly something to admire.

The adventure was great! David was the balance between challenge and ability was very close, this made for an fun time. Very patient and knows the game.

One of the most enjoyable DnD experience I’ve had in a while. DM David led our band of adventurers through an interactive and engaging session and made everyone at the table feel welcome and a part of the game. Cheers and looking forward to the next game!

David is very good at being flexible as a DM both with the party and with individual players. It leads to sessions being a great time for all involved.

DM is always well prepared and encourages player immersion. A nice variety of adventures offering a balance between rollplay, exploration, intrigue and combat while ensuring continuity in the story and character development.

Every session we start is always as exciting and interesting as the next. Our DM sets up an environment where each of our characters get the chance to shine.

David is exceptional at describing environments and the characters that live in them. He takes the time to allow for real character development and always sets up the game well so that there is not too much down time. The fact that the players remain in his games for a long time is an undeniable sign of his skills as a facilitator.

I enjoy being able to come to a stable weekly game and enjoy the campaigns with character background options that the DM lets us use.

David is a very dynamic DM. His games are very well paced and contains an excellent balance between role playing and combat. I don’t think there has been a game I have played at his table where I didn’t have fun. He is also very accommodating towards all level of players ranging from beginners to seasoned players. Some of the players have definitely threw him a curve ball or two, but he was able to adapt to our nonsense as if it was all part of his story.

When there are conflicts in player interpretation of rules, David is quick to resolve all conflict and does so tactfully so all parties can move on without issues.

I as a forever DM have so much fun being able to create a character and just have fun. My only complaint is that I can’t play at his table more often!

Even though David has many years of DMing under his belt, he is not complacent, making efforts to adjust to his players and to improve his craft constantly.

Very nice maps and a lot of visual support. The DM is prepared and the games are very fluid (no unnecessary length). Fights can be dangerous, be careful!