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Get ready for the biggest event coming up this Fall!

Tournament Vault Of Terror

This Season's Event: The Vault of Terror !

Welcome to the most electrifying challenge of your life: “The Vault of Terror”! Crafted exclusively for the boldest contenders, this heart-pounding dungeon promises a spine-chilling test of wit and courage. Armed with complete scoring cards, your team’s every move will be scrutinized. Can you outwit the shadows, conquer the unknown, and prove your mettle? Survival, the final destination, and the coveted completion—only the fearless will etch their names into legend. Will it be you?

Dnd Tournament

Can your Team Complete the challenge?

Gather your team and brace for the ultimate test this fall. Navigate gruesome traps, solve eerie puzzles, and confront unspeakable terrors as you venture deeper into the sinister dungeon. Fortune favors the brave—will you emerge victorious?

Assemble your squad of 6 and dare to enter the challenge !

Character’s level: 11

Tournament Treasure

Brace for the Thrill: Weekly Showdowns to win it all !

Get ready for a high-octane battle where every week, a new team steps into the arena to seize glory and chase victory. Points are your currency, earned by obliterating foes, mastering enigmatic puzzles, and surviving the dungeon’s treacherous depths. As December nears its end, the reckoning arrives – comparing scores. The team that reigns supreme not only claims eternal honor and a hallowed spot in Elite Adventures history, but also lays hands on an unparalleled treasure trove: a bounty of free sessions, coveted Roll20 marketplace treasures, and gift certificates that will leave you in awe! Are you bold enough to seize it all?

NEW: Receive a prize if you beat the DM Score (213 points)

Your DM for This Event

DM Gromph

DM Gromph

DM Gromph is a very skilled Dungeon Master with rules at his fingertips. Master of dungeon crawling, he weaves seamless action and unyielding intrigue, even amidst perilous odds. As he guides you, the thrill escalates, but beware – what once thrilled might now chill, as he orchestrates your inexorable journey toward impending doom.


Subscription fees: 15$ per player

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    Character Creation

    Please create a level 11 character using Point buy or Standard array for skills and Max HP for level 1. You will then get the average for the remaining levels. Starting equipment + 2 uncommon magical items + 200gp for any regular player’s handbook gear + any regular armor except for the plate (you can use a magical item slot for Adamantine or Mithral armor if you want a plate armor) + enough materials for 1 cast of each spell (unlimited for materials under 25gp).

    The initial equipment you receive cannot be sold. Players are not allowed to transfer any magical items to one another (except in the case of consumable items) and they cannot pool the starting gold.

    Flying races are not allowed due to the inherent unfair advantage they bestow. Races with a natural base flying speed are strictly prohibited; however, characters possessing abilities enabling temporary flight are acceptable.

    Everything from Wizards of the Coast is allowed for character creation. You will have access to our compendium to create your character.

    Special Rules

    In this adventure, unique rules apply:

    1. Roleplay Emphasis: While roleplay is encouraged and welcome, it won’t yield points on its own. Be mindful that the focus is on other aspects of the game.
    2. Active Engagement: Passive perception will not be in use. You must actively search and investigate to uncover important clues or items. Quick decision-making is crucial, but rushing without caution could lead to dire consequences.
    3. Respawn Mechanism: A respawn mechanism is in place if your character meets an untimely demise. However, it’s important to note that this will deduct a substantial amount of points from your overall score.

    Elite Adventures Tournament Contest Policy

    1. Eligibility and Entry

    1.1. Participation in the Elite Adventures Tournament (“Tournament”) is open to individuals worldwide, with certain prize adaptations applicable to participants not residing in the United States or Canada, as detailed in the contest prize section.

    1.2. Entry into the Tournament requires a team consisting of at least 6 players.

    1.3. Each participating team is required to submit a tournament entry fee of $15 USD per player at least one week prior to their scheduled game.

    1.4. Teams may choose to participate with fewer than the required 6 players; however, they will not receive any compensation, and the missing $15 USD fee for each empty seat must be paid.

    1.5. All characters to be used during the Tournament sessions must be submitted to Elite Adventures at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.

    2. Contest Prizes

    2.1. The winning team of the Tournament will receive the following prizes for each player:

    • 1 free session of their choice with use at Elite Adventures.
    • 1 free marketplace product within Elite Adventures’ library (players can select any available product).
    • An Amazon gift certificate valued at $15 USD.

    2.2. Prizes are non-transferable, and no substitution or cash equivalent will be provided, except at the sole discretion of Elite Adventures.

    2.3. Participants from countries other than the United States and Canada will receive a prize equivalent on Roll20 as a gift certificate instead of an Amazon gift card, which can be used to purchase any item of their choice on Roll20 Marketplace.

    3. Contest Mechanics

    3.1. The winning team will be determined by a specific and extensive set of scoring criteria outlined in a separate document, which will be made public only after the tournament to prevent any early disclosure of game objectives and challenges. Points will be awarded based solely on objective criteria, and no DM judgment will be used to decide the winner.

    3.2. All games will be designed to be of equivalent difficulty, with variations introduced to mitigate the risk of cheating.

    3.3. The winning team will be announced promptly after the conclusion of the final participating team, and prizes will be awarded within one week following the last game.

    4. Contest Rules and Conditions

    4.1. Cheating of any form by the winning team will result in the nullification of their prize. Elite Adventures reserves the right to investigate and make a final determination on any allegations of cheating.

    5. Participation of Elite Adventures DMs

    5.1. Elite Adventures Dungeon Masters (DMs) are permitted to participate in the Tournament as players. Every measure has been taken to ensure that they do not possess any inside knowledge or gain any form of advantage. DMs will not be eligible to win any prizes, even if their team wins.

    6. Scoreboard and Updates

    6.1. Elite Adventures will maintain a live scoreboard that will be updated weekly with the final scores of all participating teams. This scoreboard will be accessible to all participants.

    Elite Adventures reserves the right to modify these contest rules at any time, should the need arise. Participants are advised to check for updates regularly.

    By participating in the Tournament, all teams and players agree to abide by these rules and conditions. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification from the Tournament.