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One-on-One D&D


Apr 23 2024



One-on-One D&D / Private DM 25$ per hour

All about you

Get a private DM for yourself as we focus on your character entirely. Maybe you want to take it slow or you want some extra help to learn the basics. We can offer a unique game entirely build around your specifications.

High pace, high return

The story pace is extremely high and you can develop your character like never before. More time for your actions, more time for role-playing and more time for your background development.

Learning experience

Don’t worry about the rules anymore, you can ask as many questions as you’d like, the DM is 100% devoted to you. It’s time to get technical and go further with your build or the use of Roll20 with scripts and macros.


What to know more about who we are and what we do?: Click here

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Want to know more about character creation in Roll20?: Click here

All of that seems complicated? Don’t worry, your private DM will show you how it’s done!


Each ticket is for 1 hour of private D&D One-on-One with the DM of your choice. Select the date you would like to have your first session. Your DM will contact you shortly to setup a complete schedule with you.



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1 hour with a private DM
$25 / hour
Available Tickets: 100
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Hello, my name is David! Ever since I can remember, I've had an insatiable passion for storytelling. As a child, I would lose myself in imaginative tales, often building stories with my toys that never seemed to have an end. Bedtime was a suggestion I frequently ignored in favor of extending these adventures. My journey into storytelling and world-building didn't stop there. During my teenage years, I delved into the captivating world of live-action role-playing (LARP), where my friends and I created entire realms to immerse ourselves in. I've always had a deep love for improvisation, as it allows stories to take shape in unexpected and exciting ways, with everyone's contributions weaving together into something extraordinary. My Dungeons & Dragons adventure spans a remarkable 27 years. I was a mere 10 years old when I first delved into the classic AD&D edition, and by the time I turned 13, I was already stepping into the role of Dungeon Master, crafting intricate worlds and adventures for my friends. When it comes to my game style, I aim for a fast-paced, well-rounded experience. Whether it's roleplay, skill challenges, or intense combat, I believe in delivering a game that keeps everyone engaged and eager to explore. I take my role as Dungeon Master seriously, and I'm well-prepared, ensuring that my worlds are thoughtfully designed to let players unleash their imaginations to the fullest. In my games, it's not just about me as the storyteller; it's about you, the players, the evolving narrative, and the thrilling synergy we create together.

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