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Sep 19 2024


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm



Into the Mistlands – Thursdays

Several leagues west of the bustling port of Duncliff, the great capital city of the Kingdom of Kett, placid and unmoving upon the deepest waters of the Cobalt Main, existed the Shroud. This vast area of thick impenetrable fog occupied the same waters for the entirety of recorded history. To the people of Kett, the Shroud was accepted as just part of their world. The sailors, fishermen and merchants that plied the Main did not fear it but neither would they dare it, for no ship that ventured within those billowing clouds had ever returned. Even the beasts of the Main were said to avoid it’s depths. Wizards, priests, sages and mystics of every discipline and religion attempted to divine or scry what lies within. All failed. The Shroud was an enigma, a monument to mystery. Generations of Kettians guessed at theories as to the true nature of the Shroud. Some said that the gods lived within its hidden depths. Others believed it to be a living thing that consumed whatever was foolish enough to enter. There were some who found it silly that something so large – an expedition to sail its circumference took over three months to return – might actually be alive. There were as many suspected answers to the riddle of the Shroud as there were people in the kingdom. Having and refining one’s own personal theory was a national pastime. Lives were lived, time rolled inexorably forward, and the Shroud abided. And then, one day, it was gone. The sun rose over the Silverpine Peaks and revealed that the Shroud had vanished overnight. Ships sent out to investigate this disquieting development reported the discovery of a huge land mass, an island nearly subcontinent in size. An unexplored island. A mystery. The Mistlands.

Character Creation


 Into the Mistlands is a brand new homebrew campaign with 1st level characters. Create a character level 1 please. Point buy or Standard array. Max HP for level 1, then you get the average for the remaining levels. Starting class equipment. Human variant allowed. Starting equipment. Everything from Wizards of the Coast is allowed for character creation. You will have access to our compendium with every module to create your character.

D&D Beyond will not be allowed, you will have to use Charactermancer. You can either use an empty character sheet provided or import your character. We will be more than happy to provide assistance if needed.

We highly recommend you make any necessary preparations before the game commences. These may include things such as reviewing these tutorials prior to the start of the game. 

Basic Roll20 Setup For New Players

How to use Charactermancer in Roll20 and level up

How to use Roll20 Character Sheets

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I was twelve years old when I walked in on a friendly gathering, got handed a sheet of paper covered in odd abbreviations and numbers, and was told, “You’re the ranger. Grab some dice.” I was hooked! That was the year 1982 and I have been playing and dungeon mastering D&D in one form or another ever since, making lifelong friends along the way. My name is Panteleone and I bring a lifetime of gaming passion to every session I run. With me as your DM you can expect a solid mix of role play, combat, and exploration in a homebrew setting that feels fresh yet familiar. I relish mining the backstories of my players’ characters for impactful plot-relevant hooks so that everybody gets a chance to shine. See you at the virtual table!

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